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CEPTES: Expands Its Operations in USA

Posted by CEPTES Expert on August 21, 2017

Santa Barbara, CA, August 18, 2017 - CEPTES, a Salesforce certified partner with pure focus on AppExchange solution development, building enterprise end-end solutions, third-party integration with various ERP solutions with Salesforce is truly a Salesforce development entity catering currently to various US and European customers. With its increase in footprints in USA, CEPTES plans to be more closer to its clients by registering its new office in Santa Barbara, California. This would help CEPTES to engage with its customers more frequently and able to expand its presence in USA region. The increasing adoption of Salesforce by its various enterprise customers, CEPTES will focus more on the areas of Wave Analytics and Salesforce Einstein implementation to Salesforce customers.

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Image Recognition – Salesforce AI Track Images on Social Media

Posted by CEPTES Expert on August 21, 2017

The world of digitalization has made progress in various ways. Brands from quite long time could search for company mentions on social media, but they have lacked the ability to search for pictures of their logos or even products for that case in an easy way. This is where Salesforce’s latest Einstein artificial intelligence feature comes in action.

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The Changes of Winter'18 to Lightning

Posted by CEPTES Expert on August 18, 2017


“Time flies when you are having fun,” - A very common saying that goes without fail in connection with Lightning Experience. Launched two short years ago, there have been several advancements and enhancements made. It also goes without saying that the Winter'18 Release, might witness some more new changes, to affect your components and Visualforce pages.

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A New Boost for Social Media Marketers – Salesforce Einstein Platform

Posted by CEPTES Expert on August 15, 2017

There have been many aspects and capabilities of Salesforce. One such capability is bringing the Artificial Intelligence to Social Media Marketing. Along with this Salesforce has been deploying Einstein Vision within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Marketers are already said to use the Social Studio, to engage actively with their customers on the social media platform. The publishing of posts, and even tracking consumer sentiment on various social platforms has become one more purpose. Now, they will be able to use Einstein Vision to track all the image based social media posts.

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Seven Key Features from the Salesforce Summer ’17

Posted by CEPTES Expert on August 14, 2017

Keeping track of the new Salesforce functionality can take a lot of time and effort!
We at CEPTES, regularly keep an eye out for all the new features that can indeed transform the entire Salesforce experience for all our clients. To save both the effort and the time, we have indeed compiled a list of seven noteworthy features, released in Summer 2017.

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Salesforce Lightning Enterprise Apps for human

Posted by CEPTES Expert on August 9, 2017

In listening to and continuously working with our customers, we are able to grow and learn more. And the concept of delivering Lightning has been one of the ultimate learning experience.

Salesforce Lightning was introduced in the year 2015. When Lightning journey was introduced by Salesforce, they stepped back and began a complete new discovery process with their customers -- finding that nearly every person and team works in different manner. There are some people who are more data oriented, while there are others who are more process oriented and even there are those who are just trying to get their work done on time, or to put it in other words they are looking for timely delivery!

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Salesforce Lightning for Gmail

Posted by CEPTES Expert on August 1, 2017

You can now directly get visibility into your Salesforce content right where you are working, so you can effectively and efficiently manage your sales pipeline and as well close deals faster妖irectly from Gmail. The Lightning for Gmail, that is, the email integration for Gmail users, provides you with a quick view of your sales-related records without forcing you to switch between Salesforce and Gmail.

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The Novel Trend - Salesforce Lightning for Outlook

Posted by CEPTES Expert on July 31, 2017

Salesforce Lightning for Outlook and Gmail is an entirely new way to experience Salesforce. It is based on clouds. The Lightning for Outlook/Gmail allows you to create records directly in Salesforce from your inbox, for instance, new Salesforce contacts and opportunities.

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What are the Key Considerations for selecting the best Salesforce Consultant?

Posted by CEPTES Expert on July 31, 2017

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the lifeblood of various businesses. But it is true that not every company has the expertise to manage and configure a complex Salesforce Implementation process. This is where a Salesforce consultant steps in with complete experience and know-how to pay significant dividends and help you choose the right path.

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How to Plan and Budget your Salesforce Implementation:

Posted by CEPTES Expert on July 24, 2017

The truth of business enterprise is that investing in Salesforce CRM can be categorized as one of the best decisions. Salesforce is there to create a deeper relationship with customers, which helps in the growth of business firms. The payoff, however, depends completely on the creation and execution of the Salesforce implementation as well as the integration plan.

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