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Increase your Revenue - 5 Points to Discover

Posted by CEPTES Expert on October 16, 2017

The largest tech conference in the world, can also be categorized as a 96-hour marathon of work and entertainment. With almost 170,000-strong melting pot of entrepreneurs, huge sales professionals, engineers, employees, and also some good leaders and technology aficionados, under one single roof there has to be a special agenda.

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CEPTES Sprints Ahead at Dreamforce

Posted by CEPTES Expert on October 11, 2017

CEPTES, is honored to be back at Dreamforce'17, with some exciting highlights over innovation and learning. Dreamforce 2017 consists of 2700+ plenary (breakout) sessions, hosted by tech industry's top keynote speakers and will also cover the year's latest and most influential IT innovations.

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The 5 Trends of IT to Watch

Posted by CEPTES Expert on October 9, 2017

Where is IT heading in future?

Some of the experts point to five trending aspects that will impact IT industry within the recent years. Both business and the workplace this year will be affected. Together, the trends point to a further acceleration of the entire digital transformation and the widening gulf between traditional and the digital innovation.

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4 Essential Activities for SMB’s at Dreamforce'17

Posted by CEPTES Expert on October 6, 2017

Dreamforce 2017 is the most inspiring event of year and also the one talked about more these days. Companies of all sizes can actually look forward to a complete fun-filled week of innovation, ideas, some incredible speakers, valuable resources and good opportunity of knowledge to gear up their business for growth.

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Why to Insure Your Business with Salesforce Shield?

Posted by CEPTES Expert on September 27, 2017

Every one of us is acknowledged with the term ‘Salesforce Shield’. It is a popular solution for many clients in the highly regulated industries, who are majorly concerned about data encryption and security. The industries that it has dealt with are healthcare, financial services, and even government.

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Surfing the ‘Wave’ of Analytics – Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Posted by CEPTES Expert on September 25, 2017

In the recent history, we have always been told that data is present all around us, and also that we are living in a world of Big Data Analytics. There is again a big difference between having data and at the same time using the same to run business. It has been estimated that 90% of the world’s data was created within the period of last 2 years, while only 0.5% has been analyzed.

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Salesforce Einstein Analytics Helps Leverage Your Data Pay Back

Posted by CEPTES Expert on September 22, 2017

So, if you have been using Salesforce for some time now and as well have tons of data that you plan to leverage!!
Then, you are ready to move ahead and grab the Salesforce Einstein Analytics, which is the Salesforce based cloud platform. It connects with multiple data sources, along with creating interactive views of the same providing insights and contexts to take all your business decisions and actions based on them.

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The Internet of Things and Salesforce – A New Kind of Conversation

Posted by CEPTES Expert on September 20, 2017

The Internet of Things or IOT, enabling everyday items to both send and receive data with the help of internet, is slowly and gradually entering our lives in various ways. Consumers can nowadays interact with regular routine and household objects in quite a smarter way. Inevitably, the IOT or Internet of Things and Salesforce will also form a genuine pairing.

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Machine Learning in Finance Industry The Impact of AI Application – CEPTES Study

Posted by CEPTES Expert on September 18, 2017

Machine learning have proved to be one of the fruitful applications in finance industry. In fact, this has effected the entire genre, even before the advent of mobile banking apps, or the proficient chat bots.  Owing to the high volume, accurate historical records, and as well as the quantitative nature of the finance world, it is better suited for artificial intelligence.

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Blockchain – Imperative for Business

Posted by CEPTES Expert on September 14, 2017
The Blockchain Ebook, equips you with an understanding of what blockchain stands for,  the working process, and as well as how it can enhance your business along with the  industry in which it operates. You will be able to learn the fundamentals of blockchain  and how this technology can revolutionize transactions as well as the business networks. You can discover the important difference between Blockchain  and  Block- Chain for Business.  This will guide you through an ideal solution for streamlining  business networks.
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